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New 52-Week Highs Swamp Lows Since Trump Victory; Eighteen Days and Counting

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Another useful tool for analyzing an index of your selection universe is a comparison between the number of issues establishing new 52-week high ground vs. those sinking to new 52-week lows. The longer the numbers are overwhelmingly positive, the more likely it is that a correction is approaching.

Superficial analysis is very straight forward --- there should be more new highs in an upward trending market and more new lows during a correction. Typically, New Highs vs. New Lows is the last market statistic to weaken...

  • Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide IGVSI only numbers going forward, but you can obtain related information at Barchart.com.

The New High and New Low issue stats from BarChart.com should be used in conjunction with the IGVSI daily watchlist to identify weaker and/or stronger sectors within the selection universe --- very important in helping investors determine where the bargains are and where the profit taking opportunities should be.

Remember to be quick on your profit-taking feet, using the two 7's beats one 10 "Brainwashing Book" strategy.  

The correction was extremely shallow... and may be back sooner than you expect... here's hoping you took advantage of the excellent trading opportunities available during the past 16 months.

Mutual Fund and ETF Retirees Take Note: The income you are receiving IS STILL NOT BEING PRODUCED by your product holdings... you are still selling "units" and "shares" to pay your bills.

Your "Total Return" is positive, BUT the lack of realized income is still your primary problem.

What's this all about? Check your copy of "Brainwashing" or contact Steve at the number below or at: sanserveataoldotcom

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