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Market Rally Resumes; Trump Election Excites the Stock Market

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MCIM "buy list" shrinks to just 6 Issues... November 30th # highest monthly close EVER!!!

Few sector divisions in buying range (i.e. at bargain price levels.

Only Consumer Staples and Healthcare have more than one IGVSI stock in bargain territory.

The Bargain Stock Monitor is one of three market statistics used as performance expectation analyzers for MCIM Portfolios.

It is developed from the Month End Value Stock Watchlist screening program and identifies Investment Grade Value Stocks trading at least 15% below their 52-week high. 

Candidates must also meet the price selection criteria outlined in The Brainwashing Of The American Investor.

The "15% down" break-point allows you to keep your eye on "Bull Pen" items. 

The fewer IGVSI equities at bargain prices, the stronger the market as "Smart Cash"  accumulates in MCIM portfolios.

NOTE: If you haven't been taking profits on nearly everything you purchased in 2016, you haven't been paying attention!

You should be using market volatility to capture all reasonable profits... it pays to reinvest slowly and selectively 

Opportunities to put "Smart Cash" back to work are slim; even the threat of higher interest rates has not weakened the stock market.  The best news is that CEF yields are once again at very attractive levels.

A 50% IGVSI, 50% Income CEF portfolio should logically have gained around 10%... while generating roughly 6% in spendable income. Yes, a partly "realized" total return in excess of 16%.

ACTION ALERT:  Bargains are available in both tax free and taxable CEFs; both have corrected. Tax free yields above 6% are available; taxable yields remain historically high. Both are weakening in anticipation of higher interest rates.

Don't avoid taking CEF profits at a lower than usual %... quick reinvestmet produces higher compound earnings rates. Call "the doctor" if you don't know how to reinvest advantageously.

What's that all about? Check your copy of "Brainwashing" or contact Steve at the number provided below.

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Steve Selengut is registered as an investment adviser representative. His assessments and opinions are purely his own. None of the information presented here should be construed as an endorsement of any business entity; the information is only intended to be educational and thought provoking.


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Please read this disclaimer:
Steve Selengut is registered as an investment advisor representative. His assessments and opinions are purely his own and do not represent the views of any other entity. None of his commentary is or should be considered either investment advice or a solicitation of business. Anyone seeking individualized investment advice should contact a qualified investment adviser. None of the information presented in this article is intended to be or should be construed as an endorsement of any entity or organization. The reader should not assume that any strategies, or investments mentioned are any more than illustrations --- they are never recommendations, and others will most certainly disagree with the thoughts presented in the article.