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Stock Market Issue Breadth Strong Since Trump Victory

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MCIM Working Capital & Income Growth Gains Continue... Realized Total Return" could be around 22% in spite of current income CEF weakness.

Income CEF correction continues; Tax Free Yields Again Above 6%

Unfortunately, we can no longer provide dependable IGVSI only issue breadth numbers. A similar feel for what's going on in the IGVSI Universe can be obtained by combining Daily "Watchlist" information with the individual issue numbers and statisics provided at Barchart.com.

If more issues are going up in price more often than down, most of the time, for a meaningful period of time, we are experiencing an unusually strong stock market. The opposite is equally true... and you need to use breadth information daily to help with your decision making process.

Your MCIM portfolio "smart cash" is being invested in high income paying Equity CEFs (because the government is fueling Wall Street profits by keeping interest rates at ridiculously low levels), and all reasonable profits should have been taken;  selling opportunities should be pounced upon; buying patience must be exercised.

MCIM portfolio "Working Capital" continues to rise, augmented by profits and continued high income levels.

Both Taxable and Tax Free Income CEFs have moved lower since August, and yields are becoming damn near irresistable..... 8.0% and around 6.0%, respectively.

With roughly 50% of MCIM portfolios in income purpose securities, and dividends being produced by all others, both Working Capital and Income continue to grow... this "safety net" allows retirement income payments to be made while new investment positions are established...

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Steve Selengut is registered as an investment adviser representative. His assessments and opinions are purely his own. None of the information presented here should be construed as an endorsement of any business entity; the information is only intended to be educational and thought provoking.


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Please read this disclaimer:
Steve Selengut is registered as an investment advisor representative. His assessments and opinions are purely his own and do not represent the views of any other entity. None of his commentary is or should be considered either investment advice or a solicitation of business. Anyone seeking individualized investment advice should contact a qualified investment adviser. None of the information presented in this article is intended to be or should be construed as an endorsement of any entity or organization. The reader should not assume that any strategies, or investments mentioned are any more than illustrations --- they are never recommendations, and others will most certainly disagree with the thoughts presented in the article.